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Save The World - Artwork

We want to take the time to talk about the artwork for the upcoming album. Since we have talked about the album title for a while now. #savetheworld has been used by us for several posts in various social medias.

We had this idea that felt a bit cocky but would look kind of cool. "Save The World" is a hint to the situation of the world and a way of thinking that we really could need a saviour now. It fits the content of almost all the lyrics of the album and that is about how we handle issues of life in general. It doesn't matter if it is war, struggles, addiction, impossible love, corrupt leaders or the environment. We really could use a hero to help us through the day. But maybe not the one that picks you up and flies away into the sunset kind of hero. More of a kick-in-the-butt-inspirational-type of hero. You be the hero of your life and surroundings. If we can inspire you to do those deeds for your self in some way we would be really happy.

And when we worked the cover art suggestions we ended up with this cool idea of a superhero rescuing us in some way and the cover art was born with the inspiration of the superman movie II (the 2006 version). It's a classic pose we have all seen and it just felt right.

We had the help of photographer, friend, neighbour Tony Lif to set it up and the result is great. A cool take on the hero you need in your life.

Hope you enjoy the album cover as much as we do. We really think it fits the album and the music.

For other photos of the album we had the opportunity to work with Tony's friend Richard Westermark and those photos ended up on the albums backside and inlay but those photos you will have to wait for.

...oh...and BTW....first single Carry On is out on Spotify and you can pre-order the album on iTunes and Amazon.


Cover Art photo by: Tony Lif

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