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Pre-order the album "Save the world" now!


The album is up for grabs and a pre-sale with an early download of the song Burn is waiting for you IN THE STORE

We can now offer you a great pack for a pre-order of the upcoming album "Save The World".

Pre-order it now and you will get:

- The full CD with 11 songs

- The band members autographs on the CD

- A link and a code to pre-download the song "Burn" on bandcamp

- A download card to a digital version of the CD "Save The World" on CDBaby

Be sure to get your copy with all these bonuses before it turns into a regular offer.

And by this we also release cover art that goes with the album. The idea has been with us for quite a while now and photographer Tony Lif really helped us out with bringing the idea to life. A big thank you also to Richard Westermark who help us with the other photos.

The tracks of the album:

  1. Wayward Son

  2. Cast Your Shadow

  3. Brings Them Back

  4. Mary Jane

  5. The Great War Pt. I: Prologue Pt. II: Heroes Pt. III: War

  6. Hollow

  7. Save Me

  8. Another Day of Life

  9. Burn (pre-download-link and code as soon as we handel your order)

  10. Carry On

  11. The Great War Pt. IV: Epilogue

We really hope you will enjoy this package and that the value is worth the wait. Just a little bit longer before you can hear the full album. A release date will be presented shortly.


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