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Finishing up in the studio

This has been an amazing run.

First of all. We are so happy to finally be able to say: We are done recordning and mixing the upcoming album!

The time we thought this would take for five ordinary guys with families and full-time jobs was somewhat optimistic from the start when we said that release was set for fall or early winter. But with a singer that needed the time to learn and play some live sets before really getting the feel of the songs we had to let it take the time it took so we can say that this will be an amazing album from our point of view. We are set to send the material for mastering and to some record labels to see where it takes us. So bear with us if you have to wait some more. We really want to do this right. A big shout-out to our families that made us stronger during the process.

Poster in our rehershalroom.

​​Second we need to thank and admire the patience of our fans that keeps growing around the world despite the fact that we haven't released anything new for quite a while. Nine street teams on twitter from remote places of the world. It's amazing and we are so thankful for your effort and you are a big part of being a real citizen. Good things comes for those who wait.

Last, but not least. Pelle Saether. The engineer and mixer-guy. We have changed and altered some parts so often that he must think we are a bit crazy. We are not arguing with him if he does ...

Pelle really has helped us in many ways. He is actually responisble for the connection and addition of our singer Jörgen and he has boosted us in the ways we should take next steps with the band. You really should check his studio out (Studio Underground) if you like what you hear when we release the album.

So a big thank you all and rest well assured: we have just started.


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