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Sonic State Capital rocked the RoQ

It was a night to rememeber when Sonic State Capital entered the stage at the cool place RoQ in Stockholm this saturday night. A crowd that seemed to like what they heard and a set that had some premiers. The songs "Hollow" and "This Great War (pt. I - III)" where added since the band had all the time they needed. Heck ... even a cover of the epic Rival Sons tune Pressure & Time was fitted in the set.

All in all a great evening and the show can be watched almost in full at the bands FB-page (you are only missing out the ending of the song "Burn" and the final song of the evening. "Carry On". Great place, good beer and folks. Thank you Stockholm (and the opening act Hollow Ilussion). Next up is Copperfields (17/2 Stockholm) and Skeppet (18/2 Uppsala).

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