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Sonic State Capital loves Örebro

When Sonic State Capital from Västerås entered the stage at Plektrum Bar in Örebro this last Friday (21/10) it was a big tension in the air. A great love and hate rivalry between the two towns through the history of sports had brought some people to the club with mixed feelings. Some club visitor said ”I hate your town but I really came just to hear you” and in the bathroom we could see stickers with the words ”Hate Västerås”. But the night started out with the local band Crushed By Air and Angel Breaker from Kristinehamn. Two great bands SSC really would like to meet again. Great energy and great people. Check them out! When SSC entered the stage the crowd had increased and there seemed to be an interest of the bands music. When the last song ended some 50 minutes later it seemed that Sonic State Capital had found its way to the audience hearts. A great energy of the crowd and the response from people afterwards really made the band happy. The band really would like to thank Plektrum Bar and the people that came to see us. Unfortunately it does not seem to be any photos or videos of the show (that we know of). Hopefully SSC will be allowed to return and bring more love to the people of Örebro. Next stop to Save the World: Hedemora … 19/11

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