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Great premiere!

Finally the bandd had the chance to premiere its current line-up. With the invitation from the MC club: Mashed Kidney's in Skultuna just outside Västerås, Sonic State Capital took the stage to play three songs from their upcoming album. The three songs selected for that purpose was "Wayward Son", "Mary Jane" and "Brings Them Back". When the smoke had cleared they had ended up playing seven songs with the addition of "Another Day of Life", "Cast Your Shadow", "Carry On" and the down tuned and heavy "Save Me".

The rewievs from the crowd where all positive and it is clear that Sonic State Capital has found a singer that will be a perfect match of their songs. The favourite quote of the evening was "They are so good that I would like to put them in a jar and bring home". The band thanks Mashed Kidney's for the opportunity to play and it will not be forgotten.

Unfortunatley there was no films recorded (that we know of) during the show but the photographer Tony Lif was in the house and gave us all rights to spread his photos. Be shure to check him out on Flickr for more amazing photos. More shows to come!

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