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Track listing for the album

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We are currently working on our first album. 11 songs will be on the track list, including new versions of the old demo songs: "Another Day of Life" and "Cast Your Shadow". All other songs are previosly unreleased. We have decided the name of the album but we will not disclose it until all artwork is in place. However you can get a track listing right now. Track listing:

1. Wayward Son

2. Brings Them Back

3. Save Me

4. Another Day of Life

5. Burn

6. This Great War, pt. I - III

7. Mary Jane

8. Cast Your Shadow

9. Hollow

10. Carry On

11. This Great War, pt. IV

We are very proud of all the songs and that we are finally making this album happening.

Stay tuned for more info as the work progresses.


Only a promo printing from a local company


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