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Sonic State Capital finds a new singer.

We are very happy to inform you that we now have found a new singer. First of all we want to express a big thank you to the voice of Albin Kroon who was set out to sing on the record. But a long distance relationship is never easy to maintain in balance. We thank you a thousand to helping us see the full potential of some of our songs with your work.

But now we have found a new voice in Jörgen Söderberg. A local guy that basically fell in to our laps during the drum recordings.

Jörgen is a dedicated singer with a great voice with a big range. We have already fell in love in his work ethics and he really understands the songs we have written. We are confident that he will make an outstanding work on the upcoming album.

If you would like to hear his former band Griffen they are easy to find on Spotify and be shure to check out the classic hard rock cover band, Metalorgy that he sings in.

We are happy that he has choosen to work with us and we can't wait to get to work with him on new materials as soon as we finish the album.


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