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When Osman was four or five he heard this electric guitar on a record his parents were playing. He doesn't remember the song but he remembered it was the coolest sound he had ever heard. He got his first guitar in his early teens. It was a Duke Les Paul, definitely one the crappiest guitars you could ever own. It held a tune for about two seconds. Not a good idea to learn to play on a guitar that was constantly out of tune. Anyway, he was hooked.


After torturing that guitar for many years he played with a few cover bands and eventually teamed up with a few guys forming the band Seven. He left Seven when he started working in Stockholm and reverted to playing  solo at home. A couple of years ago he decided to sell the gear and retire as a guitarist when he saw this band looking for a new member. He googled Sonic State Capital and noticed that he knew the drummer from his military duty and he happened to have played with Seven after Osman left. Small world! He went to the "audition" and the rest is history in the making.


Osman has always listened to all kinds of music, from classic to electronic to metal. He grew up listening to Accept, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Ozzy just to mention a few. He has always liked songs with good melodies and a well built up guitar solo with amazing shredding and melodical parts. Some favorite guitarists have been Joe Satriani, Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie and lately Gus G from Firewind and Ozzy.


"This guy just has a great mix of technique and feeling in his play", says Osman about Gus G.

Born: 1970

Inspiration: Gus G, Whitesnake and Iron Maiden

Gear: ESP guitars and Line 6 amps

Top photo courtesy of Tony Lif

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