Origin:  Västerås, Sweden


Genres:  Rock, Metal


Years Active:  2014 - Present


Label:  Not yet


Formed by Dan Svanbom (guitars), Stefan Andersson (bass) and Magnus Lindeborg (drums) back in 2014 . Had a few line changes but has a hard and heavy line-up with the addition of Stefan Törnblom (guitars) and Jörgen Söderberg (vocals).

Recorded the album "Save the world" in 2017 and following singles "Note to self" and "Phobos Rex" in 2019.
The music is clean heavy rock/metal music with strong riffs and melodies that will get to you.

The band finds inspiration in Alter Bridge, Alice In Chains, Ozzy and other hard and melodic bands and artists.

Big international social media crowd that wants to hear more.

Twitter: 7691 followers.


9 local street teams with a total of 13198 followers from Argentina, Belgium, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Michigan, UK, Brazil, South Africa

Facebook: 1336 followers

Instagram: 496 followers



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