Dan Svanbom - Guitars

Dan's musical journey started as a child when his mother and father signed him up for piano lessons at the age of 8. His father always played piano at home, most often in a classic boogie woogie style. Early on he tried to compose on the piano and loved to sit around just combining notes.


A couple of years later his parents bought him and his brother an electric guitar and an amplifier for Christmas. That year the piano was forgotten...


Quickly he made progress and got his parents to buy a new and better guitar. But all the time the songwriting had an important place with him. Bouncing tracks with two tape recorders facing each other and the amplifier next to i t and later with different portable studios. There are a lot of old recordings in the archives, both on zip-disks and tapes.


At the age of 14 he bought his first own guitar: a B.C Rich Mockingbird (that he later got handprinted with the face of Ace Frehley). That guitar still hangs around in the house.


Influenced by the mighty Ace and classic bands like AC/DC, Accept, KISS, Metallica, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Maiden, Rainbow, Zeppelin, Lynch Mob, Ratt etc. he really was blown away when he discovered the Joe Satriani-album: ”Surfing with the Alien”. Soon followed Steve Vai, Yngwie, Zakk, Tony MacAlpine, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker to sit next to Ace.


Already in 8th grade, he formed a band and that band only played material written by him. That songwriting has always been a big part of him. However, he also played in a couple of cover bands through the years.


At a rising age Dan's musical interest got lost on the way and the guitar was left hanging on the wall. During that time he got a hand/joint disorder called psoriasis arthritis and it took several years to find the right treatment. Playing guitar was painful and still is sometimes. A couple of years back he got a call from Stefan (Sonic State Capital's bass player). A mutual friend had recommended him for a job in his current band Seven. Full of excitement and with an arthritis treatment in place he joined the band. Due to various reasons Dan, Stefan and the drummer Magnus broke out and formed the band Sonic State Capital.


The song writing has started to pick up the pace ever since. Bands like Alter Bridge, DreamTheater, Opeth and other epic song writers are a big inspiration as the songs develop now. Good riffs, strong melodies and lyrics with a content. All the lyrics on the upcoming album are written by Dan and that is something he is very proud of.


”Every song is a story to be told both musically and lyric wise. I’m not a neoclassic speedster on the guitar and never will be, even though those guitar players are a big part of my inspiration. To me it has always been about the song,” he says.


Born: 1972, Västerås Sweden

Inspiration: Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, Opeth, Ace

Gear: Gibson LP and PRS guitars, Line 6 amps and guitars

10 songs of inspiration: Spotify link

Top photo courtesy of Tony Lif