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Jörgen, Magnus, Stefan
Dan, Jörgen
Magnus, Jörgen, Stefan,
Jörgen, Stefan, Osman
Jörgen, Stefan, Osman

May 14, 2017

After almost a year of recordings, mixing, tracking, writing and producing the album the day had come to reveal it all. We had the opportunity to set up an evening at the local rock club Bankiren in Västerås. We did a couple of acoustic songs to warm up the audience on the theme "Songs and artists of inspiration. The songs where:

Little Lover (AC/DC)

Shot In The Dark (Ozzy)

Ramble On (Led Zeppelin)

Watch Over You (Alter Bridge)

Give Me All Your Love Tonight (Whitesnake)

Close to midnight we took the stage with the song "Wayward Son" and over an hour later the final chords of the song "Carry On". Sweaty, a bit exited and ever...

May 6, 2017

We want to take the time to talk about the artwork for the upcoming album. Since we have talked about the album title for a while now. #savetheworld has been used by us for several posts in various social medias.

We had this idea that felt a bit cocky but would look kind of cool. "Save The World" is a hint to the situation of the world and a way of thinking that we really could need a saviour now. It fits the content of almost all the lyrics of the album and that is about how we handle issues of life in general. It doesn't matter if it is war, struggles, addiction, impossible love, corrupt leaders or the environment. We...

March 20, 2017


The album is up for grabs and a pre-sale with an early download of the song Burn is waiting for you IN THE STORE

We can now offer you a great pack for a pre-order of the upcoming album "Save The World".

Pre-order it now and you will get:

- The full CD with 11 songs

- The band members autographs on the CD

- A link and a code to pre-download the song "Burn" on bandcamp

- A download card to a digital version of the CD "Save The World" on CDBaby

Be sure to get your copy with all these bonuses before it turns into a regular offer.

And by this we also release cover art that goes with the album. The idea has been with us for q...

January 31, 2017

This has been an amazing run.

First of all. We are so happy to finally be able to say: We are done recordning and mixing the upcoming album!

The time we thought this would take for five ordinary guys with families and full-time jobs was somewhat optimistic from the start when we said that release was set for fall or early winter. But with a singer that needed the time to learn and play some live sets before really getting the feel of the songs we had to let it take the time it took so we can say that this will be an amazing album from our point of view. We are set to send the material for mastering and to some record labe...

January 15, 2017

It was a night to rememeber when Sonic State Capital entered the stage at the cool place RoQ in Stockholm this saturday night. A crowd that seemed to like what they heard and a set that had some premiers. The songs "Hollow" and "This Great War (pt. I - III)" where added since the band had all the time they needed. Heck ... even a cover of the epic Rival Sons tune Pressure & Time was fitted in the set.

All in all a great evening and the show can be watched almost in full at the bands FB-page (you are only missing out the ending of the song "Burn" and the final song of the evening. "Carry On".

Great place, good beer and...

November 27, 2016

Last week Sonic State Capital went to the city of Hedemora. It was a really cool place and a sort of mini festival with many ecellent musicians in the house. SSC played sevens songs from the upcoming album and it really felt good. The guys are getting used to each other on stage and the songs feels more and more tight.

The band did a live broadcast of the show on Facebook and you can see it in full down below.

The songs from the set:

1. Wayward Son

2. Cast Your Shadow

3. Another Day of Life

4. Mary Jane

5. Brings Them Back

6. Burn

7. Carry On

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did playing it. The band loved to play in Hed...

October 23, 2016

When Sonic State Capital from Västerås entered the stage at Plektrum Bar in Örebro this last Friday (21/10) it was a big tension in the air. A great love and hate rivalry between the two towns through the history of sports had brought some people to the club with mixed feelings. Some club visitor said ”I hate your town but I really came just to hear you” and in the bathroom we could see stickers with the words ”Hate Västerås”.

But the night started out with the local band Crushed By Air and Angel Breaker from Kristinehamn. Two great bands SSC really would like to meet again. Great energy and great people. Check them ou...

September 14, 2016

Finally the bandd had the chance to premiere its current line-up. With the invitation from the MC club: Mashed Kidney's in Skultuna just outside Västerås, Sonic State Capital took the stage to play three songs from their upcoming album. The three songs selected for that purpose was "Wayward Son", "Mary Jane" and "Brings Them Back". When the smoke had cleared they had ended up playing seven songs with the addition of "Another Day of Life", "Cast Your Shadow", "Carry On" and the down tuned and heavy "Save Me".

The rewievs from the crowd where all positive and it is clear that Sonic State Capital has found a singer that wil...

July 30, 2016

We just opened the shop for all you SSC-citizens around the world. Feel free to find the items of your desire by klicking on the image or head to the shop in our menu. You can also head directly to spreadshirt:

Exclusive items will be available too at the bottom of the page.

There are some pretty cool artwork for the album that will be presented when the album is revealed.

Spread the word Sonic State Capital-citizens!


July 11, 2016

Tracks ...

We are currently working on our first album. 11 songs will be on the track list, including new versions of the old demo songs: "Another Day of Life" and "Cast Your Shadow". All other songs are previosly unreleased.

We have decided the name of the album but we will not disclose it until all artwork is in place. However you can get a track listing right now.

Track listing:

1. Wayward Son

2. Brings Them Back

3. Save Me

4. Another Day of Life

5. Burn

6. This Great War, pt. I - III

7. Mary Jane

8. Cast Your Shadow

9. Hollow

10. Carry On

11. This Great War, pt. IV

We are very proud of all the songs and that we are finally ma...

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